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Since 2020, Sharity Tutoring Inc. has been committed to supporting our community by providing free tutoring services to as many children as possible. On top of managing countless AP, IB, and AICE classes, the tutors at Sharity Tutoring are extremely involved in their community and are dedicated to providing academic assistance as well as guidance to students in grades K-12. By booking an appointment, you will receive a private virtual tutoring session completely free of cost. 

Sharity Tutoring is a 501(c)(3) certified nonprofit incorporation whose goal is to build a community of learners both locally and internationally through free tutoring services. In order to maximize the number of students Sharity's tutors are able to work with, tutors have developed flexible schedules to accommodate students on weekdays as well as weekends. 

Sharity Tutoring makes it extremely easy for students all around the world to have access to free tutoring services. There are two ways to start this process.  Contact us by filling out the form in the "Contact Us" tab, or if you already know which tutor you want, contact your preferred tutor directly by clicking the "Get In Touch" button next to their tutor of choice in the "Book A Session" tab linked below.



Establish Relationships

With COVID-19 forcing students to participate in online learning, suicide rates have gone up astronomically in students in grades K-12. Students are not receiving the one-on-one attention that they require. Since most parents are working around the clock to maintain a roof over their families' heads in the midst of an economic crisis as well as a global pandemic, the social and mental needs of children are often going unnoticed. Most children require the socialization that they received before the start of online school. Now that they no longer have access to this socialization, depression, anxiety, and countless other forms of mental illness are overtaking the minds of children who are far too young to understand what is happening within them. These problems are then going unnoticed and to no fault of the parents. Sharity offers a way for children to truly connect with other students and to socialize in a way that is not offered in school. These one-on-one sessions are a great outlet for children who have questions or just do not want to do their homework alone for the tenth day in a row.

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